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Chemistry vs. Cooking

Here’s an artwork from PhD comics:

Remember the most important difference: In kitchen, you work with something edible; in the lab, most of the time, it’s hazardous. ;D

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Here are the answers to problems in the “Measurement and Uncertainty” handout:

July 11, 2008 2 comments

1. 506K, 4.54 x 10^11 pg, 6.25 x 10^(-1)ms

2. 0.86g/mL

3. 40.4mL

4. 7.76 x 10^3

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For the Harry Potter Fans (and Chem lab students)…

Even witches and wizards need to take lab classes. Let’s see how the lab looks like in the school of wizardry..

Looks good to me. Reagent bottles are capped, gas valves are closed, students have their books with them (we have lab notebooks)..

This is one of the latest promo pics for their upcoming movie. =)

(from Just Jared)

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