June 14, 2007 4 comments

Hi everyone!

This is the website for my chemistry classes. Feel free to explore the web pages and make use of the accessible files to help you in your respective courses. I’ll upload the important files and additional materials that can help you in your journey to learning and enjoying chemistry. The files are classified according to the courses in which they will be used. Please use your password responsibly in accessing the files uploaded.

Have fun reading the posts at the fun facts! I’ll update it from time to time. The page could be long because new information are just added at the top of the page (so that we can always read the past FYIs). =)

I hope the website can help you in studying chemistry.



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Ice Cream Galore

June 16, 2009 1 comment

One of the experiments in general chemistry laboratory is ice cream making. Of course, ice cream becomes more delicious when it is also visually appealing.

Here are the masterpieces of my lab students in the past semesters. =)

ice cream galore pic

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TV science

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

This is very true. I enjoy watching CSI-type and other films or shows that make use of science but, of course, given the time for the show and the story itself, some movies do make investigations and analyses too easy that for some scientists watching it and recognizing that fact, it becomes hilarious.


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Beadles and visiting this site

November 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Hi all! Please do visit this site at least once a week to check for announcements. I will post them in your webpage either as a comment or as part of the body of the page. Also, please download the other reading materials uploaded. These should help directly/indirectly in enhancing your class/lab performance. I shall include them in our quiz one of these days to check on your reading.

To the beadles of the different classes this semester, uploaded in the webpage of your class/course is a file entitled “beadle guidelines”. Please download it and accomplish the agreement slip. Submit it to me by next meeting.

Thank you.

See you around!

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Chemistry vs. Cooking

Here’s an artwork from PhD comics:

Remember the most important difference: In kitchen, you work with something edible; in the lab, most of the time, it’s hazardous. ;D

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Here are the answers to problems in the “Measurement and Uncertainty” handout:

July 11, 2008 2 comments

1. 506K, 4.54 x 10^11 pg, 6.25 x 10^(-1)ms

2. 0.86g/mL

3. 40.4mL

4. 7.76 x 10^3

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For the Harry Potter Fans (and Chem lab students)…

Even witches and wizards need to take lab classes. Let’s see how the lab looks like in the school of wizardry..

Looks good to me. Reagent bottles are capped, gas valves are closed, students have their books with them (we have lab notebooks)..

This is one of the latest promo pics for their upcoming movie. =)

(from Just Jared)

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